Ok here it is…

So over the 4th of July the Darling and I put up a small swimming pool. It went a little something like this…..

12:30 pm Tuesday

Amazon notified me, while I was at work, that my pool was only 5 stops away. I excitedly called my lovely husband to tell him of the happy news.

“Do you want me to put it up? That way it will be all warmed up when you get home.”

“Thank’s Babe, that would be so wonderfully helpful. I love you, you’re the best!”

“No problem! I have it all under control! You will be swimming just as soon as you get home.”

Fast forward to….

8:00 pm Tuesday

Hmmmm…. the pool water is not quite as warm as I was expecting. Turns out he may have had it less under control than he had led me to believe… or maybe had better things to do and started the pool thing 30 minutes before I got home.

8:30 pm Tuesday

We have progress in the pool area!! Beings it was my idea, I jumped right in to help. After filling a few inches of water then realizing it was on an incline, then letting the water out and moving it a foot and a half to a new location, a total of 4 times and 2 beers, we found a happy comprise. I agreed that he was correct and his placement was exactly in the right place. Precisely 3 feet from where it had started. After 19 years together, it’s a finely tuned dance.

Jump ahead…

10:30 pm Tuesday

Oh bother! Pool filling seems to be a much slower process than I was expecting, thankfully I have the patience of Job. Reveling in the fact that I was going to be cooling off in my very own pool come morning, I was able to relax enough to enjoy a few adult beverages and dream of crystal clear water with the sunshine glittering off of the surface. Man! This is going to be GREAT!

12:10 am Wednesday (4th of July)

Oh for Pete’s sake how long does it flipping take!!??

I gave myself a little pep talk and thankfully after a full 6 pack of Miller Lights, all to myself, the pool is very nearly full as well 😉! Although, now, due to the 6 pack of Miller Lights, I am teetering somewhere between; A) incredibly drunked up and very sleepy and B) drunked up just enough that it took everything in my power not to jump in fully clothed. Common sense prevailed! There is always tomorrow and though it was not completely full, I turned off the hose and fell in to bed for a peaceful little snooze. (Clay said that I snored so loudly it shook the windows. Lies!)

8:30 am Wednesday

Uff da! The sun… why’s it so bright. With a pounding head, acidic stomach and blind in both eyes, I was finally able to pull the hose out of the pool!! It’s FULL! Now with the pump plugged in and pumping, I plopped my little chlorine fish into the drink to start doing his job!! He’s so cute, I call him Goldie. Now just to wait a few hours to let it warm up a touch…

11:00 am Wednesday

Oh sweet Heaven! It looks so incredibly inviting, but damn it all to hell! Surprise! I have been roped into helping with the stupid house painting. Was soooo not expecting that. Although… I do actually thank Jesus and all of the baby Cherubs that my house will finally be finished! It has only been a year and a half since the first coat of primer was slapped on. It’s a 4th of July miracle! But drats! the pooling must wait for now.

7 pm Wednesday

I have no pictures… I was living in the moment, floating in my pool! Ahhhh…it was bliss! After a long hot and humid day of scrubbing shaker shingles and priming garage doors, I was finally to stop, able to bask in our accomplishments of a job well done, able to relax and enjoy the sound of the water lapping in the breeze… just in time for the mosquitoes to come out in full force. Oh for F***’s sake!